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Feb 27th 2000: A patch is available! Version 2.1g! It's a hair smaller than the full program (since it adds and fixes so many things) so you won't want to miss it! Go to our Cruddy Quest download page and pick it up! Or... I could always be very very sad. :-(

Feb 17th 2000: The newly re-written version of Cruddy Quest is available! Download this beta now and get in on the action! If you've tried to log in with past version, and were unsuccessful, you'll want to get this all new version beta2.1a - cq2a! Visit the Cruddy Quest page for more details.

Feb 15th 2000: Cruddy Quest is being rewritten to add features and fix log in problems! A new beta should be available near the end of this week and the full version of Phase 2 will be available in March! Check back around Friday or Saturday for the latest version! For those having problems logging in, don't worry. This new version will solve all of your problems.

Jan 21st 2000: Cruddy Buddy's birthday is coming up and you can give him a present to say THANKS for his great services! Also, download the NEW version of the beta! There is a patch available for those using CQ63 to upgrade to CQ63b!

Jan 17th 2000: Sorry about the server problems for Cruddy Quest but just to make it up to you, we've release the BETA version of Phase Two! That's right! Check it out on our Cruddy Quest page!

Jan 11th 2000: We now have a new server address for Cruddy Quest! If you are not able to connect to the Cruddy Quest server using then please try our back-up address to connect. This applys for CruddyQuest and Smiley Online. Thanks!

Jan 9th 2000: Cruddy Quest Phase Two still scheduled for this month! Additionally, we are offering Smiley Online the use of our Cruddy Quest server! If you are a Smiley Online user, then simply type as the server name. Our Cruddy Quest server SHOULD be up almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the exception of a few minutes here and there. If you would like more info on Smiley Online, please visit Smiley Online! Also, stay tuned for the NEXT phase in Cruddy Quest!

Jan 1st 2000: Welcome to the new year at! We are pleased to have you with us. Click on the link for the latest information about Cruddy Quest! Phase Two is due out THIS MONTH! Stay tuned!

December 14th 1999: The long awaited Cruddy Quest PHASE ONE is out! Please go to the official DOWNLOAD SITE for more information!

December 8th 1999: We're BACK! Where did we go? Why were we gone? What does it mean that we're back? Will the next CrudioSkit ever come out? Find out tomorrow!!!

November 12th 1999: Download CrudioSkit III now! It's available in 3 compression ratios! AND, watch for an ALL NEW CrudioSkit comming soon!

November 11th 1999: CrudioSkit III is released Nov 12 at 7:07pm PST! Just in time for Christmas, this skit is an old favorite made into an audio version! Enjoy!

October 23rd 1999: Most of the problems with our new host and e-mail service have been worked out and we're ready for some major traffic to tell everyone you know to visit us!

October 21st 1999: You can NOW sign up for a webaddress! Click the link above to get started! We are still offering forwarding addresses to those who make e-mail requests. Click the CONTACT link for more information.

October 20th 1999: Our new domain is set up and shortly our new mail server will too! What does that mean? More features for our FREE e-mail service! In just a few days current subscribers will receive an update message and new FREE e-mail subscribers will be able to sign up for our new FREE webmail and forwarding services! Stay tuned!

October 18th 1999: The news page is now the main page to make it easier for YOU to visit everyday and read about what's going on here at! You're Welcome! Also, we have updated the ABOUT section so check out the new stuff YOU!!!

October 17th 1999: Check out the new Fan Art section! OR, send some fan art of your own to get prepared for the big T-shirt contest coming up!

October 13th 1999: A new contest is coming up to design a T-shirt. The winner will have his design printed on the shirt and will receive a free one! But right now, we are looking to see if anyone can draw a picture of Cruddy Buddy and send it to me! If you would like to give it a shot and practice for the contest, then write me at!

October 11th 1999: We're BACK and as promised we are bringing you daily updates! Tomorrow expect some of the archived Cruddy Articles to resurface!

October 6th 1999: It's been a while but we're back in action! Within a week we should start to see DAILY updates on! For those of you who have been wondering what's going on, we have started a new project. It is an online RPG entitled "CruddyQuest" and will be an adventure game you can play with others over the internet. Don't worry though, a new CrudioSkit IS in the works and should be available to listen to within the next couple of weeks. Check back later for that. In the mean time, know that a new fire has started and all of our Cruddy Critters will NOT let you down! - - - - - Cruddy Buddy

May 16th 1999: The SECOND Crudio Skit is OUT!!! Visit the Crudio Skit section to download! Then, write an e-mail to to let us know what you think!

May 11th 1999: What the HECK do Cruddy Buddy and Oreo Bear sound like?! Find out now! Just visit our new "Crudio Skits" section and listen to the worlds first Crudio Skit! We have three compression ratios to choose from so there's no excuse for not listening! Then, write an e-mail to to let us know what you think!

May 10th 1999: Check out our first ever Crudio Skit! Then drop me a note and let me know what you think! If the feedback is good enough, we'll continue to make more! If it's bad feedback, we're going to blow up the barn!

May 9th 1999: Our new look is finished thanks to the talent of Jeremy LaDuke! I'm sure he'd like you to visit his site, Don't worry, it's not scary. Later today will be the release of our first Crudio (audio) Skit so be sure to show up for it!

May 4th 1999: Some problems with our server (DON'T HIT ME) cause some problems with our site. Gee, that makes sense. Don't worry though! should be working at full capacity soon! Until then, sign up for the new beta forwarding account! ! Yeah baby. It's cool and if you don't have one you're a poophead. Just write to to request your FREE forwarding address today! Be sure to include the name you want and the address to forward it to. See you soon! ~Cruddy

April 24th 1999: The first Cruddynovel has been postponed so we can spend our time working on the new Audio Cruddyskit and reformatting to run without frames! That should fix many problems people have reported to have with the scroll bar!!! Keep me informed if the new format isn't working properly.

April 22th 1999: Check out the all new skit! It's called "Wash Your Hands" and you won't want to miss it! It will help pass the time while you wait for the first audio Cruddyskit to arrive!!!

April 20th 1999: The first audio Cruddy skit is coming along great! We'd also like to mention that a weekly Cruddynovel is in the works. Plan to be here for the unveiling of the first episode THIS SATURDAY! Don't forget to tell all of your friends about the great things going on here. The popularity of Cruddy Buddy's Comedy Barn depends on YOU!

April 18th 1999: COMING SOON from, ALL NEW AUDIO skits! That's right, soon you'll be able to download new Cruddy Buddy skits in MP3 format! Stay tuned for more information!

April 15th 1999: We have an ALL NEW section called FAQ! For those of you gardenburgerheads out there who don't know what FAQ stands for. It means Frequently Asked Questions.

April 14th 1999: I am BACK from vacation!!! YES! More stuff coming soon! YES!!! Tomorrow, yes. Today, no. In a month, no. NOW NOW NOW, no. Later, yes. Come back, yes. Pee in your pants, no.

March 25th 1999: We've got an ALL NEW section called Cruddychive with sub-sections SKITS, STORIES, MISC THINGS, and RHYMES! Each sub-section is broken down into OLD and NEW! Yep! Just another way is becoming even easier to navigate! Go ahead! Enjoy! Oh, in case you're wondering, the "Cruddymag"s have been removed to be broken down into the catagories. Sorry if this inconveniences you. The rest of the material should be available soon!

March 22nd 1999: We critters here at Cruddy Buddy's Comedy Barn are still working hard to bring you more catagories! Just be patient!!! A new FAQ is scheduled to arrive soon with answers to questions that many of our new readers are asking like, "What the heck kinda whacked out site is this?" Most people are turned off by the general READING theme we have established here. Oh, and "Vee", I was just kidding. This really isn't my web site. Thanks for the candy though. It wasn't an Oreo, but it was good. - Cruddy

March 20th 1999: Thank you for coming to Cruddy Buddy's Comedy Barn! We are working hard to bringing you new features later today! Feel free to explore the great features already provided to you!

March 18th 1999: Welcome to the grand opening of!!! The critters and I here in Critteroth are very excited to bring you the quality entertainment you've always expected from Cruddy Buddy, now with the convenience of an easy-to-remember domain! I must make a special plug for the company that has agreed to host Portland Communications is the name of the place! You should check them out!!! To celebrate our new domain, we've written this brand new skit!!!


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